Perspective Correct

Fix skewed perspective with a swipe!

"Perspective Correct is a nifty photo utility for your iPhone"
- Engadget (formerly TUAW)

"The app is easy to use, either when shooting with, or correcting from the camera roll"

"Using it is dead easy"
- Cult of Mac

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Fix skewed perspective with just a swipe!

The easiest way to fix perspective distortion in your photos - Featured on Engadget and Cult of Mac.

Correct that "leaning" building or wall with just a swipe!

Simply swipe your finger for precise, immediate control over the horizontal and vertical perspective of your photographs.

Perspective Correct is easier and more intuitive than existing 2D correction options found in desktop software and other apps. It really is a new dimension for photography.

The first app to offer live perspective correction on your photos - with a simple swipe you can frame and fix leaning buildings and skewed streets scenes before you've even taken the photo.

You can also import a photo from your Photo Library, adjust the perspective and save a new corrected photo.

When you're done, photo will be saved to your photos library, plus you can open it in other apps, or share to Instagram and other social networks.

Perspective Correct is perfect for:

>> Architecture Photography – fix leaning and ‘falling’ buildings and houses
>> Real Estate Photography – correct distortions outside and inside the home
>> Landscape Photography – correct leaning trees
>> Artwork documentation – paintings, prints and other hanging objects
>> Portraiture – fix facial distortion including big noses and foreheads
>> Street Photography – streetscapes and vanishing points

To help with the perspective correction process the app includes:

>> Pinch to zoom out on a photo to help preserve corner detail
>> Easy to use rotate tool
>> Adjustable grid intensity
>> JPEG quality control, including uncompressed JPEGs for best photo quality
>> User friendly crop tool
>> Crop preview screen

How to use Perspective Correct in four simple steps:

1. Take or import a photo
2. Swipe the screen to adjust the perspective of your photo
3. Zoom to crop
4. Save